Tests and Diagnosis on Power Switchgear and Circuit Breakers

Electrical Tests:

Contact Resistance Test (100 A DC)
Dynamic Contact Resistance Test
Timing Tests for Main Contacts, Auxiliary Contacts, and Pre-Insertion Resistor Contacts
Static and Dynamic Contact Resistance
Motion Test / Contact Stroke
Coil and Motor Current Test
Under-Voltage Condition
Minimum Pick-Up Test
Power Factor, Tan Delta Δ and Cos Phi Φ
Insulation Resistance(IR, Polarization Index (PI), Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR)

General Visual and Mechanical Inspections

Commissioning of substations and generators.
Preventive and corrective maintenance in all substation assets
Tests and Diagnosis in Medium and High Voltage Electrical Systems:
Capacitance and Power Factor / Dissipation Factor Measurement from 15 Hz to 400Hz as a Tip-Up (step
voltage, step frequency)
DC Winding Resistance Measurement and OLTC Verification
Transformation Ratio (TTR) Measurement (TC, PT and Power Transformers)
Measurement of Excitation Current
Measurement of Short-Circuit Impedance / Dispersion Reactance
Frequency Response Measurement of Dispersion Losses (FRSL)
Dielectric (Frequency) Response Analysis
Scanning Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA)
Current Transformer Analysis
Partial Discharge Analysis
Medium Voltage Cable Test: Very Low Frequencies (VLF), Tan Delta (TD), Partial Discharge (PD)
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