Protection Relay Tests.
High Load Electromechanical Relays.
Static Relays.
Numerical Relays.
IED IEC 61850 (GOOSE and Sampled Values).
Protection Panels.
End-To-End Tests with GPS or IRIG-B.
Bar Protection (Up to 22 Signal Generators).
Universal tool for commissioning substations.
SCADA Indication Check.
Load Measurement.
TC / TT Polarity Tester.
Wiring Verifier.
Plausibility Check for TC / TT with Primary Injection.
Power System Simulator.
Simulation of Transient Failure.
Load Measurement.
CT Saturation Simulation.
IP Simulation.
Rogowski Coil Simulation.
Net Offset.
Transient Reproduction (COMTRADE, PL4 (EMTP), …)