Commissioning of substations and generators.
Preventive and corrective maintenance in all substation assets
Tests and Diagnosis in Medium and High Voltage Electrical Systems:
Capacitance and Power Factor / Dissipation Factor Measurement from 15 Hz to 400Hz as a Tip-Up (step
voltage, step frequency)
DC Winding Resistance Measurement and OLTC Verification
Transformation Ratio (TTR) Measurement (TC, PT and Power Transformers)
Measurement of Excitation Current
Measurement of Short-Circuit Impedance / Dispersion Reactance
Frequency Response Measurement of Dispersion Losses (FRSL)
Dielectric (Frequency) Response Analysis
Scanning Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA)
Current Transformer Analysis
Partial Discharge Analysis
Medium Voltage Cable Test: Very Low Frequencies (VLF), Tan Delta (TD), Partial Discharge (PD)
Partial Discharge Location Off – Online