Based on our experience, in the commissioning of power generation equipment, substation voltage levels
I, II, and III, transmission and distribution of electrical energy; one of the primary causes of delays and
costs overruns always been the system failures, that on many occasions, ends in emergency shutdowns.
Therefore, performing Acceptance Tests is the only way to make sure the power generation systems
comply with the specifications set by manufacturers and quality standards before energizing them.
Acceptance Test has become our most acclaimed service since from these derived diagnoses, and
recommendations for preventive and corrective maintenance. Thus, avoiding excess contractual costs and
non-compliance, which has led to developing and maintaining a stable working relationship with team
members, customers, and suppliers.

Be essential support for clients and high-quality services to help them achieve their business goals.

Form long-lasting relationships with our clients by delivering top-notch service.


At Projeto Group, we take the responsibility seriously, we know how complex and
critical our services can impact our clients’ processes. That is why we continuously monitor that
our services are always of the best possible quality.

• Innovation and Development:

We know the importance of always being at the forefront.
Therefore, our integrated department of innovation and development personnel comes from
different areas of the company to contribute to promoting new business models, offer new
services, and improve processes to make our clients’ lives easier.

• Teamwork:

our team members have a common objective; ‘Customer Satisfaction,’ a goal
achieved by developing a good sense of belonging to the company and its customers. We know
that by integrating the working groups of both PROJETO GROUP and that of our client, we can
provide the most reliable and precise solutions on the market.